Amedbills offers a comprehensive range of healthcare recovery and AR management services to meet the unique needs of your organization. We employ accurate, aggressive, and effective tactics to optimize your medical accounts receivables collection ratio. And unlike most medical billing companies that only offer complete medical billing services we offer customized solution for your needs. Amedbills is committed to doing the tedious work to obtain well-deserved reimbursement in a timely manner allowing providers to focus on patient care.We utilize payor access portals when able to track claims, obtain information about denials, submit appeals and check eligibility.Our Accounts Receivable Recovery Methods include:


We begin the healthcare recovery process by investigating and evaluating every claim on the AR aging report. We carefully and systematically review each claim for accuracy, and we cross-reference the provider’s policy to determine which accounts our specialists can pursue. And we don’t just go for the easy ones—we aggressively pursue claims that are routinely considered uncollected by other companies.


This phase is initiated once the claims are identified which are marked as uncollected or for claims where the carrier has not paid according to its contracted rate with the healthcare provider. Once a thorough evaluation is complete, our team of dedicated medical account receivables professional analyze each account and identify reasons for denial, nonpayment, underpayment, and partial payment—whether it’s a patient-owed balance or carrier balance. We methodically research each claim and the carrier’s contracted rate of pay as well as their filing limits. We then prioritize accounts for coding and collection.

Coding & Collection

Our certified medical billing specialist & technical analysts are highly trained, exceptionally skilled, and adept in all areas of healthcare recovery. We are industry experts in coding and compliance requirements. Once AR claims have been analyzed and prioritized, our specialists accurately code and submit claim for collections, and rigorously pursue patient-owed accounts. Amedbills consistently collects old AR accounts as well as recent ones.


Insurance and patient follow-ups are absolutely critical to medical recovery services. It isn’t enough to know coding and compliance regulations. Without persistent communication efforts and prompt status & account checks, your healthcare organization could lose significant sums of money. Amedbills proactively follows up on all claims to ensure you receive the appropriate reimbursements for your services.


We provide daily, weekly, monthly reports on the progress that have been made to overcome the aged claims. Reporting shows that how much claims have been followed, claimed and remaining in the queue. We try to overcome all of your account receivable within 90 days.

Don't Let Unpaid Claims Slow You Down.

We know it’s difficult to remain entirely focused on patient care when you’re worried about your bottom line. If you’re spending valuable resources trying to diagnose finances rather than patients, then perhaps it’s time to schedule a check-up for your current healthcare recovery methods.