Our Billing teams are groups of highly trained professionals with decades of experience. Each team is assigned to specifically handle your account only. We ensure all of our billers are up to date on HIPAA rules, regulations, all EMR EHR software and CPTICD codes. We are not limited to just medical billing services! Our comprehensive revenue team works with healthcare professionals to produce maximum revenue. With a combination of both teams we are able significantly achieve financial gains for your practice.

Credentialing or Enrollment

Amedbills provides initial and ongoing credentialing to our clients. We review the credentialing on a regular basis to ensure compliance and participation in all insurances. Our credential team maintains the profiles with CAQH and PECOS.


Medical coding is incredibly complex, especially in the post-reform environment. Our coder’s are trained to handle all specialties in the healthcare field and know their way around any EHR/EMR software. We also extensively train our coders in modifiers that many in house and billing companies neglect to maximize each claim.

Claim Submission

We strive to get maximum reimbursement on your claims. Any Submitted claims with our service has a 99.5% acceptance rate. Prior to filing your claims to insurances, all claims are audited & approved by our clearance house for accuracy and first time acceptance.

Denial Management

Denied claims are the #1 reason for having an AR backlog. As these denied claims pile up, traditional billers and billing companies find it difficult to play catch up, if they do not process the claim in time it will expire and your practice loses revenue. To achieve extremely low denial rates timely aggressive resubmission is key. We keep track of denial trends and make sure our clients are made aware of such trends.

AR Recovery

Healthcare professionals face many obstacles to payment than any other industry. Denials and mistakes on claims only lengthen the process to getting paid for services provided. At Amedbills we provide a dedicated AR specialist through auditing, identifies all claims that can be resubmitted and paid out within 90 days.

Revenue Cycle Management

Our veteran RCM team can significantly reduce cost to save a practice up to 40% in cost associated with billing, and operational efficiency. These methods will increase revenue performance of your practice. Most of our clients have seen a 20% increase in revenue within 90 days.

Practice Management

Amedbills can provide a solution to all aspects of a medical practice including financials, human resources, information technology, compliance, marketing, and operations. These additional services can be critical to maintaining and growing a practice.

Analytics & Reporting

Amedbills Provides daily, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports directly to you. Detailed reporting will show complete picture of where your practice stand and identify areas of improvement.

Payment Posting

Our billing specialists verify and post ERAs and EOBs in timely manner. Remaining balances are promptly sent to patient’s account. We authenticate all insurances to make sure appropriate payment is made on each claim.

Insurance & Patient follow up

From insurance to patient follow up we handle it all!  Your dedicated specialists ensure proper and speedy communication for timely resolutions for all claims.


Amedbills provides free auditing of your current medical billing.  After our audit we report in detail that identifies why your practice is losing revenue and areas of improvement. As taking care of your medical billing services our auditing team provides a report in every three months to show the improvements and results of your practice.

New Practice

We provide a new practice with business development and training for new staff to start your practice on the right foot, we make sure from day 1 that we provide a road map to navigating the highway of healthcare business management.

Amedbills has a simple mission – Proven method for proven results.