Medical Billing is a very challenging and time consuming task for medical practices. Many physicians bounce around trying to outsource or hire in-house billing only to be disappointed. We provide superior services and we are based in the United States with live support 24/7.

Dedicated Resources

Our medical billing services are provided with dedicated teams designated for your practice. Each aspect we handle has a separate highly trained team to handle the flow from your practice. The teams include a RCM and AR manager which take care of optimizing your revenue and take care of your account receivable recovery.


We provide of Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports. These detailed reports show progress and identifies key areas for growth.

Free Audit

Auditing is essential part of billing services. At Amedbills we do a free audit of your practice. This includes of you current revenue cycle, denied claims, AR, and overview of how best our solutions can integrate with your current situation.

No-Strings Attached

At Amedbills we have NO ANNUAL contract. You can cancel your contract at any time with just a 30 days’ notice.

Maximum Revenue

All your claims are electronically submitted and are double checked with our clearing house to ensure accuracy. This in term reduces the turnaround time for payouts and 0% AR. We train our billers to get the highest reimbursement possible in a timely manner

Billing Compliance

The biggest obstacles in billing is trying to keeping up with the changes in Medicare, Medicaid, and all other insurances. Our coders and billers are trained to stay up date on the latest changes with HIPPA, ICD, CPT codes.